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Programmable Self-Assembly of Matter (4033)

June 30, 2013 – July 02, 2013


New York, NY (USA)

Photo Credits: Charlie Eisenhood, Kelley Laboratory, Yan, W., et al. (2012),


Oleg Gang, Brookhaven National Lab
Alexei Tkachenko, Brookhaven National Lab
Paul Chaikin, New York University

Important Links

Programmable Self Assembly Website
Programmable Self Assembly Poster


This workshop aims to bring together a diverse range of experimental and theoretical scientists working on self-assembly of micro- and nano-particle systems via programmable interactions. A fast development of novel bio-inspired approaches for the assembly of well-defined architectures, ranging from clusters to crystals, promise to rationalize a creation of matter and its transformations. One of the powerful strategies toward this goal is based on DNA-programmable assembly, in which the high degree of addressability of nucleic acids is used to guide the formation of structures from microand nanoscale synthetic components. Although significant progress was recently achieved in building static and reconfigurable systems, the underlying principles for the assembly of complex architectures from multiple types of components and engineered evolution pathways are still in need of being uncovered. The limited understanding of the interplay between selective biological interactions and physical co-factors, such as collective chain effects, kinetics of bond formation, a role of particles shapes, and their multiple types hinder the development of broadly applicable self-assembly methods.

Thrust Area

Soft Matter

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