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Soochow University

Joined ICAM in 2020


The Center for Soft Condensed Matter and Interdisciplinary Research is an innovative scientific platform in Soochow University. Its research focuses on soft matter system, using experimental, theoretical and simulation methods to study the frontier problems in this multi-disciplinary field. There are four main research directions in our center, which are: 1) Polymer and colloidal physics; 2) Biological soft matter physics; 3) Theoretical and computational soft condensed physics; 4) Nano-technology and assembly. The research in our center emphasizes on the experimental study of the soft matter system; the association between theories and experiments; developing the computational and statistical methods of the soft matter system; finding the relationship between the material structure and the function of the soft matter; exploring the mechanism and principle of multiscale self-assembly and self-organization, such as nanoscale, cellular scale and even life system. 

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Branch Members

Senior Scientists

  • Yuqiang Ma

  • Lei Gaol

  • Kang Chen

  • Zhaohui Yang

  • Yan Feng

  • Kai Yang

  • Xiaqing Shi

  • Gaojian Chen

  • Xiaohua Zhang

  • Tianhui Zhang

  • Bing Yuan

  • Zexin Zhang

  • Zhijun Hu

  • Wende Tian

  • Ziliang Shi

  • Weidong Zhang

  • Hongming Ding

Post Docs

  • Huishu Li

  • Zhuang Liu


  • Zhixiong Deng

  • Luping Ou 

  • Cheng Xu

  • Heping Cao

  • Shenglin Zhou

  • Dong Huang

  • Shaoyu Lu

  • Songdi Ni

  • Yuewen Yin

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