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Strong Correlations in Materials and Atom Traps

August 05, 2008 – August 15, 2008


ICTP Trieste, Italy


Andrey Chubukov (U. Wisconsin, Madison, USA)

Piers Coleman (Rutgers, Piscataway, USA)

Andy Schofield (U. Birmingham, UK)

Erio Tosatti (SISSA & ICTP, Trieste, Italy)

Hide Takagi (ISSP, Japan)


The quest to understand how complex systems can exhibit self-organized behavior driven by emergent ordering principles lies at the heart of the physics of strongly correlated quantum systems. In the past this puzzle was motivated by the discovery of new materials, by new findings from high precision experiments and the profound connections between theoretical methods in high energy physics and those of the many-body problem. Now, the burgeoning field of quantum gasses – cooled and controlled by laser light – is offering new insight and fresh inspiration to this quest. Though traditionally an area in the domain of quantum optics dominated by one- and two-body effects, it is now clear that the many-particle aspects of such systems and their measurement not only overlaps with researchers working in strongly correlated electron systems but also leads in directions totally unfamiliar to both communities. Our aim for this workshop is to explore, understand and exploit the interconnections and clarify distinctions across the breadth of strongly correlated quantum systems but with a particular focus on correlated electrons and correlated cold gasses in a workshop that will be agenda setting for both communities. We will do this by bringing together the leading experimentalists and theorists in a forum of carefully selected talks and open discussion and debate.

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