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University of Maryland QMC

Joined ICAM in 2002


The University of Maryland has created a state-supported research center in condensed matter physics, the Maryland Quantum Materials Center (QMC), by expanding and enhancing the earlier Center for Superconductivity Research (CSR), which QMC now replaces. QMC carries out research in all aspects of quantum condensed matter physics, both theory and experiment, with the emphasis on nanophysics, advanced and novel materials, and strongly correlated systems. This center brings together 17 Maryland Physics faculty covering most areas of condensed matter and nanophysics research (see, including:

  • Correlated electron physics, e.g. superconductivity, reduced-dimensionality electron systems, quantum-based mesoscopics, spintronics, quantum condensed phases, semiconductors

  • Nanophysics, e.g. nanoparticle synthesis and physical property measurement, surface physics, molecular electronics, nanotube and graphene physics.


The objectives of the QMC are to: 

  • Establish a unique, interdisciplinary center for the interchange of ideas and skills among scientists working in all aspects of condensed matter and nano physics

  • Lay the foundations for future high technologies based on electronic properties of condensed and nano systems; and 

  • Develop talented scientists to become future leaders in the field.


Branch Members

Senior Scientists

  • Steven Anlage

  • Nicholas Butch

  • Richard Greene

  • Cheng Gong

  • Alicia Kollár

  • Daniel Lathrop

  • Chris Lobb

  • Vlad Manucharyan

  • Min Ouyang

  • Johnpierre Paglione

  • Efrain Rodriguez

  • Ichiro Takeuchi

  • Fred Wellstood Y

  • ou Zhou


Junior Long Award

  • Author: John Collini

Workshop Application

  • Fundamentals of Quantum Materials

    • Author: ​Nicholas Butch

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