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What is Creativity? Phenomena in Complex Adaptive Systems

October 20, 2008 – October 22, 2008


Co-op Inn Kyoto Conference Hall, Kyoto, Japan


Prof. Yoji Aizawa (Waseda Univ.)

Prof. Yukio Gunji (Kobe Univ.)

Prof. Kuniyoshi Ebina (Kobe Univ.)

Prof. Kazuo Nishimura (Director of Inst. Economic Research, Kyoto Univ.)

Associate Prof. Yoshihiro Miyake (Tokyo Ins. Tech)

Associate Prof. Gentaro Taga (Univ. of Tokyo)

Associate Prof. Masatoshi Murase (Yukawa Inst. Theor. Phys, Kyoto Univ.)


Based on the 2007 What is Life? symposium, we are now planning to hold a workshop called What is Creativity? with rather small size and with shifted topics like emergent phenomena. The confirmed invited speakers are brain scientist, biologist and psychologist. Organizers subjects are economics, education, nonlinear physics, theoretical biologists, robotic engineer and medicine. They will talk about the recent advancements of so-called nature v.s. nurture problems (or give v.s. environment problems) on their own subjects. The aim of this workshop is to discuss such an old but still new problems from multidisciplinary perspective and to understand the general features behind the emergent dynamics of complex adaptive systems. We also plan to invite young students. We hope that such young students have chance to talk with invited speakers and organizers on their own interests. We do not want to have a tight schedule, but instead to have a relatively enough time for discussion.

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