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Young Research Leaders Group: Insulator Spintronics-Strong-Coupling-Coherence & Entanglement (8683)

July 31, 2017 – August 04, 2017


Johannes Gutenberg University, Mainz, Germany


Joseph Barker, Tohoku University

Yaroslav Tserkovnyak, UCLA

So Takei, Queens College CUNY

Yunshan Cao, UEST, China



Magnetic insulator spintronics is exceptionally interesting in that it has enabled new methods to probe fundamental science as well as having a good potential for future device applications. The lack of charge currents in magnetic insulators allows for a controlled environment in which pure spin currents can flow and single magnons can be excited. Different scientific fields have been using magnetic insulators to make headway in their own research spheres. The propagation of incoherent magnons over long distances in insulator spintronics was a real landmark, while the excitation of a single coherent magnon in the magnon-polariton community has been a huge achievement. In a different realm, long-range quantum entanglement has been known to generate non-trivial correlations and exotic excitations with fractional quantum numbers in quantum magnets, whose appropriate theoretical description remains a challenging problem at the frontier of modern condensed matter physics.


This workshop brings together for the first time young scientific leaders from the insulator spintronics, quantum magnetism and magnon-polariton communities to engage in an information exchange and network. The hope is that participants can learn something new at this workshop, which may spawn new ideas and collaborations through cross-pollination of ideas and concepts from these fields. This workshop will focus on two relatively unexplored areas of research: (i) to discuss the experimental status and to advance the theoretical understanding of strong light-matter coupling in magnetically insulating materials; and (ii) to discuss how recent experimental advancements in insulator spintronics can be exploited to spearhead our understanding of nonequilibrium spin propagation through quantum magnets.

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